Global Collaboration

Brain Cradle is disrupting AI Research with team work, transparency and an unparalleled commitment to open source data/models.

Share Your Research

Cut through the red tape and get your name out there by publishing research in minutes, ensuring your ground breaking discoveries have the biggest impact possible on the most number of people.

Leverage Standardized Benchmarks

It's impossible to know which research will perform best for your use case until you try it. Brain Cradle ranks models based on performance and allows you to train them using your data in minutes.

Recreate Published Results

Reverse engineering academic papers is frustrating and time consuming. We publish all hyper-parameter combinations and training data, allowing you to rapidly recreate published results.


Open Source Models & Data

Our open source model & data repository is growing every day thanks to our devoted community of trailblazers.

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Advanced Hyper-Parameter Tuning

Easily adjust hyper-parameters right from your browser. We keep snapshots of every trained model for reference.

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Endless Transfer Learning

Brain Cradle allows you to save any pre-trained model as a Cradle, leveraging previously encoded learning to solve new problems.

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Powerful Benchmarking & Results

We keep track of every architecture tweak and hyper-parameter combination for all your model experiments and rank them using standardized benchmarks.

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End-To-End Solutions

Publish models in 1-click and consume them in your applications with cradle Connect – an auto-generated clean API that makes buildin end-to-end-solutions easy.

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pay-as-you-go pricing.

Our prices are very easy to understand. Platform access is free. You only pay for what you use.

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