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Working At BrainCradle

Our driven, passionate, challanging, empathetic, fearless community will take you further, faster than you thought possible. No amount of hacky sacks, bouncy balls, and designer granola is going to give us the sense of purpose, meaning, and connection we crave. HR Guru Simon Sinek says the solution is accept we’re not special. We say the solution is do something special. Ever seen recordings of a failed Space X launch? Look at their faces: the tears, the resolve, the pain, the determination. For us, the definition of community is in those eyes and the bravery it takes to chase a crazy dream unfazed, while being deeply honesty & empathetic in every interaction.


Get Empowered

Workplace holding you back? Do you like to just things done? Want to make a bigger impact? We hire amazing people, let them choose their own path and set them loose. Take chances, make mistakes, iterate, free to be brilliant.

Choose Freedom

Here, everyone cares deeply about each other, grateful for our differences; Their the key to our success. Support is unconditionally, because giving everything to change the world turns strangers into family; Be honest. Be humble. Be yourself.

Get Inspired

Some people think we're wierd. We jump out of bed before our alarms ring; forget to sleep; sleep until 3 PM; forget our own inside jokes; Laugh until we cry; Burst into tears. Einstein theorized everything is energy. We think energy is everything.

Bet On Yourself

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10? 15? If you're anything like us, you have some pretty crazy dreams. If you're tired of having to say all the right things, come join a team where the best idea always wins. Period.

Inspire Others

Artificial Intelligence has the power tha change everything! We need the brightest minds in the world working on AI Safety. Quantum computing. Faster than light travel. Uploading minds into computers. Welcome to the home of impossible!

Your Destiny Awaits

Ever seen a failed Space X launch? The tears, the resolve, the pain, the determination. For us, the definition of community is in those eyes. Bravery... chasing a crazy dream unfazed demands nothing less.


Open Positions

Following list displays our current required positions. This list will update regularly.