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Hello, and welcome to Brain Cradle. If you’ve found our growing corner of the internet, you must be interested in Artificial Intelligence, or AI. There are many definitions of AI, but the simplest one is: machines that can do smart stuff. At Brain Cradle, our machines are getting smarter all the time, and can do all sorts of neat stuff. Are you a CEO searching for an affordable source of customizable AI tools, that will be proprietary to your business but won’t require you to hire an entire department of coders? An AI expert looking for an open-source platform that’s easy to use and lets you spend more time modeling and less time debugging code? Are you an AI novice who thinks CNN is just a cable news channel and BERT lives with Ernie on Sesame Street? Good news - you’re all in the right place.

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Build a better future... through AI.

Build a better future...

At Brain Cradle, we believe that creating AI models shouldn’t require a Ph.D. or a billion-dollar valuation. Brain Cradle is a platform for constructing AI algorithms using Machine Learning. Algorithms are just a well-defined sets of rules or procedures for solving a problem. When we say our platform uses Machine Learning to build our AI algorithms, we mean that we don’t decide on the rules and procedures ahead of time, and then write a program to execute them. Instead, we train our models on data related to the problem we’re trying to solve, and let them learn what the best rules are. Or, rather, we should say you will be training your models on data related to the problem you’re trying to solve, and letting them learn. Because that’s the best part about Brain Cradle - we’ve taken all the tedious, esoteric parts out of building machine learning models, and left all the fun for you. It only seems complicated. If you don’t believe us, check out the platform.

The only limit is your imagination. We can’t wait to see what you build.

Devon Luongo, CEO Brain Cradle

Although, first things first, we should decide which platform you should be trying. Brain Cradle operates two versions of our platform - the Research Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Research Edition is a vibrant, open-source community of AI enthusiasts, ranging from beginners to virtuosos, all creating and sharing algorithms from a huge and ever-expanding AI library. If you’re a curious newcomer, student, or academic, you’ll want to head here. It’s free to try, and you won’t believe how simple it is to use. The Enterprise Edition offers business the opportunity to build customized models, either from scratch or using any of the state-of-the-art models available through the Research Edition as a starting point. After you train your models, your business will be able to deploy them seamlessly into applications, and best of all, your AI algorithms will belong to your business, not some giant company.